Yoho National Park is nestled on the western slopes of the Canadian Rockies in British Columbia, Canada. A beautifully laid out park with tons of things to do as well as many things to see.

Lake O’Hara

Lake O’Hara is, in fact, a hidden gem that unfortunately is hard to see. Due to the popularity of Lake O’Hara, it’s difficult to get bus tickets and being that the tickets are only offered a month ahead of time by Parks Canada only increases the challenge. Parks Canada implemented a new system in 2020 where they would randomly draw the winners of a one month period submission. While it is still very difficult to see Lake O’Hara, it is more possible due to the system implemented by Parks Canada. 

In case you do happen to get into the beautiful Lake O’Hara, you’ll see breathtaking valleys, blue lakes and stunning vistas. The trails are very well-maintained by Parks Canada. You’d be surrounded by bubbling brooks, vast types of moss and various types of rock of amphitheaters of clouds, snow and light that have been the inspiration of many artists. For more information about Lake O’Hara, please visit this link

Burgess Shale

If fossils interest you, look no further than Burgess Shale. This site has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The fossils here are from an ecosystem that was very short-lived after the first outburst of multicellular life on earth. Burgess Shale also offers a virtual museum to check out the fossils which can be found here

Field, B.C.

Field, B.C. is a quaint village of 200 people. This mountainous retreat provides artisan crafts and culinary treats.

Emerald Lake and The Natural Bridge

Named for the lake being a turquoise color, Emerald Lake is an amazing place to go paddling, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and walking around the lake. Enjoy a picnic at the lake or take advantage of the two luxury restaurants. Admire the Natural Bridge along the way to the lake and watch the Kicking Horse River as it carves its path through the ancient rock.

Emerald Lake

Wapta Falls

Seeing Wapta Falls is a must. This waterfall is 98 feet high (30 metres) and 490 feet wide (150 metres) and the highest on Kicking Horse River. With an easy 1.5 mile hike through the lush forest off the Trans-Canada Highway, it couldn’t be an easier location. Note: This is only accessible Mid-June – Mid-October.

Spiral Tunnels

The Spiral Tunnels made it easier for trains to climb up the Kicking Horse Pass. The tunnels are available to see from two viewpoints. Note: This is only accessible Mid-June – Mid-October.

Takakkaw Falls via the Yoho Valley

The Takakkaw Falls are 830 feet high (254 metres) in one place and another 1,260 feet high (384 metres) – some of the highest in Canada. The falls are a gateway to Yoho National Park’s beautiful hiking. Get up close to the falls to feel the spray of the falls or admire from afar. Regardless of your decision, it won’t be a wrong choice.

Contents of Video Above:

Locations in the video (first appearance, if many): Lake O’Hara (0:05), Wiwaxy Gap (1:11), Huber Ledges Alpine Route (1:28), Lake Oesa (1:44), Victoria Lake (2:23), Lefroy Lake (2:30), Victoria Falls (2:32), Yukness Ledges (2:50), Hungabee Lake (3:06), Opabin Lake (3:11), Mary Lake (3:43), Schaffer Lake (4:59), Seven Veils Falls (5:18).

Emerald Lake, Natural Bridge, Field, and Takakkaw Falls are shown above.

As shown from the videos above, Yoho National Park is a once in a lifetime beauty. The simplicity of the mountains, waterfalls, lakes and rivers can take you back to a simpler time.